PokerStars to undertake major platform changes next year

When it comes to online gambling , operators need to make sure they always find a way of staying ahead of the curve. Even if you are on the right track you will and PokerStarsup run over if you just sit there and that’s why PokerStars decided to make significant changes to its platform.

Being an industry leader doesn’t mean that they can afford to turn a blind eye to innovation and the projected changes are going to revolutionize the manner in which poker players earn loyalty points.

They hope that the result of this new campaign will be a better gaming environment that will please both advanced and recreational players. The VIP changes are at the cornerstone of this ambitious project and they will be implemented as soon as January 2016. Players will be competing for StarsCoin instead of the current loyalty points, but there is more than a name change that needs to be factored in.

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If everything goes according to the plan, it will be easier for players to accumulate the points and the simplicity of the system will be particularly attractive for beginners. A transparent system should appeal to all players, but there are some concerns regarding the manner in which current VIP players will be rewarded. Those who have attained Supernova and Supernova Elite are concerned that they might lose some of the harder privileges, something that PokerStars representatives say won’t happen.

More rewards will be offered and players will have new ways of spending the points and it is also expected to see changes to third-party software policies. One thing that stands out from the crowd is that players who are currently using heads-up displays will need to change their habits because these applications will no longer be allowed to operate at the same time as the PokerStars client.

The direct impact of these changes is that players will have to find new ways to outsmart their opponents and to some extent returned to the classic ways of winning. There were plenty of poker players who relied almost exclusively on the facts and figures provided by these applications.

It will be hard to adjust to the new reality, but truth be told, there are plenty of amateurs and beginners who are happy about these changes, particularly those who play mostly in land-based casinos and home games.