Foxy Bingo ready to share €25000 with lucky players

The thing about bingo casino online is that the game is highly entertaining and doesn’t require a great deal of experience, because winners are foxydecided by luck alone.

The only downside is that players have to settle for relatively low paychecks, as opposed to those who participate in slot machine tournaments or play games that have progressive jackpots.

Foxy Bingo has the remedy for the situation and this month the online gambling operator is ready to share a total of €25,000 among lucky players.

It will do so as a part of its latest promotion, which goes by the name of £25K Fox of Wall Street and make some strong references with the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

The campaign has already started, but those who do get the chance to jump on the bandwagon need not worry because time is on their side. It is important not to waste any more of it though, because the games are running on a daily basis and the campaign will come to an end in early May.

Each bingo room has its very own game and few restrictions apply, so customers will have a broad spectrum of titles to choose from. The list of qualifying games is published on the website and new ones are introduced every now and then, but it only rarely happens for games to be removed.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to stay up to date with the latest news by visiting the website, because this is also the place where other promotions are announced.

For the time being, bingo enthusiasts should focus on the aforementioned campaign because €25k will be split in five equal parts. Simple math will reveal the fact that each winner will collect €5000 that they can use to buy more bingo tickets which translates into better opportunities to win additional money. The prizes will be awarded on May 4, when the promotion will conclude and it is essential for participants to log into their online account.

That promises to be a great day for the fans of the genre and Foxy Bingo has even announced an hour for crowning the winners. Stick around and log in at 9:30 PM to find out if you won one of the five paychecks, while participating in other tournaments. The price of a ticket is less than one dollar, so you don’t need to have a lot of money to be a part of this high-paying campaign.

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