This March splashes cash

How would you like to be the winner of a £4500 prize with just three days left in March? bingo1

This is the proposition made by BGO casino to its dedicated customers and this is only the first prize, with the next three players also expected to receive generous amounts.

This promotion has a guaranteed prize pool of £10,000 which will be divided in four chunks, for those who make a full house, two lines, one line and there is also a consolation prize.

The campaign is scheduled to crown its winners on Saturday 28th March and the Friendship & Harmony rooms will be the gracious hosts. At 10 PM, all those who have accumulated cards will enter the race and if you are wondering how to get your hands of these cards, know that they are awarded at a rate of six for each £1 spent. Add to this the fact that six free cards are offered for free to those who make such a purchase and the number of winning combinations is truly spectacular.

New and existing members can place an order and purchase cards for the special games, with the minimum purchase being of two. If money is not of the essence or you are so impressed by the guaranteed prize pool that you are willing to spend a lot of money on tickets, know that there is no maximum threshold. In the unlikely scenario that several players win the same prize, it will be split evenly among them.

The money will reach their accounts immediately after the games have concluded.
Players can warm up for this generous promotion, by participating in the Monthly MegaPot competition which takes place one day before the aforementioned events. On Friday at 10 PM in Friendship, Harmony or Speed Rooms, players will be competing for a prize pool of €1500.

The money will be split following the same payout scheme among those who make a full house, one or two lines, plus the consolation prize.

Every €20 deposited will result in one card and once players use the money to purchase tickets, they will receive one more. The difference between these promotions is that in this case you can only accumulate a maximum of 20 cards. On the bright side, when members enjoy their favorite games at BGO casino they have the chance of discovering Golden Ticket Weekends, which trigger additional cards.

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